True car enthusiasts always go the extra mile to ensure their baby is protected. Like you, Kendall® Motor Oil knows that before you see the effects of rust, you’ll hear them. And once it shows up, there’s no way to reverse its process. Learn more about the rust protection of Kendall Endurance below.

Kendall Motor Oil GT-1 Endurance

Once rust starts forming inside the engine, it’s there to stay. That’s where Kendall’s GT-1 Endurance comes in. GT-1 with Liquid Titanium® protection additive bonds to engine parts, preventing rust before it starts. It’s rust protection that outlasts the competition.

How does rust affect your engine?​

Slower Engine Response.

Rust can have a negative effect on valve lifters functionality. This can cause engine noise, as well as negatively affect performance.

Less Reliable.

Rust is like a virus in your engine: it spreads and affects total performance. It can also mean more trips to the shop to restore normal operation.

Inefficient Engine.

Rust on precision engine parts such as cam phasers, oil pumps and cylinder walls can increase friction, which can decrease power and fuel efficiency.

Shorter Vehicle Life.

The rustier your engine, the less time it will power your car. It’s that simple.


What factors increase the chance for engine rust?

Classic & Collector Cars.

Classic cars often sit in a garage and are driven for short trips. With extended periods between drives – water can begin to corrode the engine. Many of these cars were built in an era before ethanol, so their materials can be more prone to corrosion.

Short Trips.

Water builds up in an engine during normal operation. On longer trips, this water evaporates and doesn’t cause issues. But with shorter trips—to the store, to school, to dinner—the oil doesn’t warm up enough to help that water evaporate. In fact, more water accumulates and that can lead to rust.

Gas with Ethanol.

The alcohol found in ethanol gas attracts water. When that water combines with the byproducts of combustion, it forms an acid that can eat away at your engines.

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Bring the power of rust protection home.

GT-1 Endurance Bottle
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