Phillips 66® Lubricants Launches VersaTrans® ULV ATF

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Ultra-low viscosity transmission fluid provides long service life and better shift performance for modern transmissions

HOUSTON (September 26, 2022)— Phillips 66® Lubricants continues to grow its product portfolio with the launch of VersaTrans ULV ATF—an automatic transmission fluid designed to meet the evolving specifications of newer Ford and GM vehicles with 9 and 10 speed transmissions.

The full-synthetic, ultra-low viscosity transmission fluid is one of only a few approved Ford MERCON ULV licensed products. It is designed specifically to help increase fuel economy and provide a long service life, as well as better shift performance under extreme operating conditions.

“By expanding our line to include one of the first ATFs approved as a Ford MERCON ULV licensed product, installers carrying Phillips 66 or Kendall can now service newer Ford and GM vehicles where ULV fluids are recommended and fuel savings is expected,” said Jim Chancey, Director of Automotive Products at Phillips 66 Lubricants. “VersaTrans ULV comes to market just as many 2018 models are nearing time for a transmission service and drivers are looking to maintain their vehicles for longer ownership.”

The new ATF is the latest innovation from Phillips 66 Lubricants following close OEM relationships and ongoing research and testing. Applications include newer Ford Explorers, F-150s, Expeditions, and Mustangs, as well as GM Sierras and Yukons requiring a DEXRON ULV fluid.

VersaTrans ULV ATF benefits include:

  • Improved transmission efficiency, offering the potential for improved fuel economy performance
  • Ultra-low viscosity for the highest level of fuel economy performance
  • Protection against sludge and varnish formation
  • High performing shear stability
  • Effective oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • High resistance to foam formation and retention
  • Excellent low-temperature properties that maintain high shifting performance in cold weather

This product is available exclusively through Phillips 66 Lubricants distributors and will be sold under the Phillips 66 and Kendall® Motor Oil brands: Phillips 66 VersaTrans ULV and Kendall VersaTrans ULV. It will be available beginning on October 1.

Learn more about VersaTrans ULV ATF on the Phillips 66 Lubricants and Kendall Motor Oil product pages. Installers interested in carrying the new ULV ATF can find a nearby Phillips 66 Lubricants distributor here.

About Kendall Motor Oil

Kendall® Motor Oil is a premier brand of Phillips 66 Lubricants that enjoys a rich heritage of innovation and industry firsts and operates with a pioneering spirit dating back more than 130 years that remains strong today. Born and bred at the track, Kendall has consistently anticipated and filled the needs of performance-savvy customers with high-quality oils and lubricants. Among Kendall’s industry firsts: the first 2,000-mile motor oil, the first oil designated for winter use, and the first pre-packaged, factory-sealed, one-quart oil can. Today, Kendall offers a full line of automotive, commercial trucking and industrial and small engine oils, as well as greases. Learn more at

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