Building a custom car takes hard work—from countless design iterations, specifying just the right engine and adding final touches to the interior and trim, to the greased elbows resulting from months spent under the hood. To do the job, and get it done right, takes a unique type of person. When Kendall® Motor Oil partnered with Thompson Street Customs to design and build The Kendall Custom, we knew there could be no better team to get the job done.

Titanium Garage Episodes

Episode 1: Design

The first episode explores the inspiration and design behind The Kendall Custom. Watch and see how the custom car build process begins—with pencil, paper, and a whole lot of ideas.

Episode 2: Body & Frame

In this episode, the building-blocks of the car are brought together. After combining a Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis and Dynacorn reproduction body, the foundation of The Kendall Custom is formed.

Episode 3: The Engine

With the foundation in place, it’s time to go under the hood as the team converts a 430 HP Ford Coyote V8 engine into a twin turbocharged beast capable of putting out 1200 HP.

Episode 4: A Guest in the Garage

Emily Reeves, host of Flying Sparks Garage on YouTube and Live Love Wrench on Motor Trend, joins the team in Denver to check out The Kendall Custom. Plus, get an update on the progress of this ‘67 Shelby restomod custom build.

Episode 5: Custom Craftsmanship

Rob Dahm, who you may recognize from his YouTube and Instagram videos, brings his wealth of car knowledge to the Titanium Garage. Bill and Rob analyze all the craftsmanship being put into The Kendall Custom, while Cope and Robert Sr. pop the hood for an insider look at this exceptional machine.

Meet The Team

The Builder

Robert Thompson Sr. Thompson Street Customs

Over the last few decades, Robert has built quite the reputation in the automotive industry as a well-recognized custom autobody shop owner. His 15,000 square foot business in Denver, Colorado, specializes in the design and build of custom cars for clientele all over the country, including former high profile athletes like former NBA player turned coach, Anthony Carter and Denver Broncos Linebacker, Von Miller.

The Designer

Robert ‘Cope’ Thompson Jr. Thompson Street Customs

By age four Cope was drawing automobiles. After taking notice, his father had him sketch Hot Wheels cars to hone his talent. Cope’s artistic passion grew to the point where he began applying his skills to airbrushing car exteriors and designing unique restomods. Joining forces with his father, their first custom car went on to win Best Truck in Show honors at the 2010 SEMA show. Cope brings a new-age style to his designs, while his dad grounds him with a more classic style of bodywork.

The Host

Bill Stephens NBC Sports Network

This American television host and automotive and motorsports commentator is a lifelong car lover. Bill could identify every make by age three and was started working as an autobody repairman and painter shortly after finishing high school. Bill’s automotive and motorsports expertise and fascination for radio came together when he began his commentating career in 1972. He continues today as a TV personality and Mecum Auctions Analyst for NBC Sports Network.