Low viscosity Super-D FE 10W-30 leads the industry with its FA-4 formulation. It is proven to deliver up to 2% fuel savings while providing superior wear protection.

The Industry's Strongest Wear Protection

Super-D FE significantly outperforms Mobil Delvac™ Super FE 10W-30 in the DD13 Scuffing Test. And after 92 million miles of on-road testing and multiple engine tear downs, pistons and cylinder liners showed little to no signs of wear.

DD13 Scuffing Test Results

Kendall Super D FE Graphic

At 200 hours, Super-D FE 10W-30 showed no scuffing. The DD13 Scuffing Test (ASTM D8074) was run at an independent lab using blind samples. This is a fired-engine test with all emissions controls, which runs for 200 hours or until scuffing is detected, whichever comes first.

Super-D FE In Action

Fuel Savings For Stronger Profits

With Super-D FE, Class 7–8 fleets can expect up to 1.5% fuel savings, and Class 6 fleets can expect even more, up to 2%. See what you can save below.

Fuel Savings Calculator

See how switching from a 15W-40 to Super D-FE 10W-30 can affect your bottom line.

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Industry-Leading Extended FA-4 Warranty

Kendall is so confident in the protection and performance of Super-D FE that we’ll cover many model years OEMs don’t yet include in their warranties.

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