Premium Full Synthetic API FA-4 Diesel Engine Oil; Formulated for Fuel Economy

Kendall SHP FE (Fuel Economy) Diesel Engine Oil is a premium quality, full synthetic API FA-4 engine oil developed for fuel economy benefits in 2017 and newer engines where FA-4 is specified. SHP FE is formulated with the highest quality synthetic base stocks and a proprietary low-SAPS additive package to provide outstanding engine protection in diesel engines specifying FA-4. This additive enhancement provides increased engine protection of critical engine parts, despite lower HTHS requirements of FA-4.

You are currently viewing SHP® FE DIESEL ENGINE OIL

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent protection for newer low-emission diesel engines and older diesel engines
  • Specially formulated to protect exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Outstanding soot control for protection against abrasive wear and soot-induced oil thickening
  • Outstanding resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures
  • Protects against sludge and varnish formation
  • Protects against rust and bearing corrosion
  • Excellent low-temperature pumpability with soot-laden oil
  • High shear stability
  • Good resistance to foaming and aeration


  • On-highway diesel trucks recommending FA-4 to meet 2017 emissions standards
  • Mixed fleets with diesel and gasoline fueled engines

Technical Details

  • 5W-30
  • Licenses & Approvals

    SHP FE is licensed or OEM-certified for:

    #API Service FA-4, SN #Cummins CES 20087 #Detroit Diesel DFS 93K223

    Additional Details

    SAE Grade 5W-30
    Specific Gravity @ 60°F 0.854
    Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 7.11
    Color, ASTM D1500 3.4
    Flash Point (COC), °C (°F) 226 (439)
    Pour Point, °C (°F) -45 (-49)
    Viscosity, Kinematic
    cSt @ 40°C 57
    cSt @ 100°C 9.9
    Viscosity Index 155
    Cold Cranking Viscosity, cP @(°C) 5060 (-30)
    High-Temp/High-Shear Viscosity, cP @ 150°C 3
    Sulfated Ash, ASTM D874, wt % 0.95
    Total Base Number (TBN), ASTM D2896 10.1
    Zinc, wt % 0.0823
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