GT-1® Full Synthetic Euro Motor Oil

Premium Full-Synthetic Passengar Car Engine Oil Primarily For European Vehicles

Kendall® GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro Motor Oil is a premium quality, full-synthetic low-SAPS engine oil designed to provide maximum protection for European passenger cars under all operating conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperatures
  • Protects against sludge and varnish formation
  • Low-ash formulation to protect against diesel particulate filter plugging
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Protects against rust and bearing corrosion
  • Low volatility for reduced oil consumption
  • Excellent low-temperature pumpability for protection during cold starts
  • Good foam resistance


  • Audi: gasoline engines (except the R8 GT & R8 V10) and iesel engines without DPF, standard drain only
  • BMW: most pre-2002 model-year gasoline engines, except M-series & Z8 that require an SAE 10W-60 viscosity grade oil, and diesel engines with or without DPF
  • Mercedes-Benz: most pre-2011 model-year gasoline engines; diesel engines with or without DPF except most BlueTEC® diesels with the OM 642 engine
  • Volkswagen: gasoline engines and diesel engines without DPF, standard drain only
  • Passenger cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles that do not require an ILSAC GF-5 oil for warranty coverage, especially when operating under severe driving conditions

Technical Details


Licenses & Approvals

GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro Motor Oil meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • API Service SN
  • ACEA C3-10, A3/B4-08
  • Chrysler MS-11106

GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro Motor Oil is fully approved for service fill under the following OEM specifications:

  • BMW Longlife-04 Oil
  • Mercedes-Benz Sheet 229.51
  • VW Standard 505.01, 505.00, 502.00

Additional Details

SAE Grade 5W-30 5W-40
Specific Gravity @ 60°F 0.856 0.856
Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 7.12 7.12
Color, ASTM D1500 3 3
Flash Point (COC), °C (°F) 235 (455) 235 (455)
Pour Point, °C (°F) -39 (-38) -39 (-38)
Viscosity, Kinematic
cSt @ 40°C 72 83
cSt @ 100°C 12 14
Viscosity Index 164 174
Cold Cranking Viscosity, cP @ -30°C 6300 6250
High-Temp/High-Shear Viscosity, cP @ 150°C 3.5 3.7
Sulfated Ash, ASTM D874, wt % 0.78 0.78
Total Base Number (TBN), ASTM D2896 7.3 7.3
Phosphorus, wt % 0.077 0.077
Zinc, wt % 0.084 0.084