Transmission Fluid for Older GM & Ford Automatic Transmissions

Kendall® Classic ATF is a high-quality transmission fluid recommended for use in all domestic and import vehicles no longer under warranty where the OEM previously specified a GM DEXRON®-III H or Ford MERCON® fluid.

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Features & Benefits

  • Proper frictional properties for smooth shifting and excellent anti-shudder performance
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance for long fluid life
  • Excellent low-temperature properties
  • Protects against wear
  • Minimizes sludge and varnish deposits
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Suitable for both automotive and industrial applications


  • GM and Ford automatic transmissions in 2005 and earlier model-year vehicles that are no longer under warranty, where the OEM previously specified DEXRON®-III H, DEXRON-II, DEXRON or MERCON® ATF
  • Import vehicles where DEXRON-III H (obsolete) or an earlier-generation DEXRON fluid (obsolete) is specified
  • Allison heavy-duty off-highway automatic transmissions that require a C-4 quality fluid
  • Hydraulic systems on industrial and mobile equipment operating over a wide temperature range

    Note: Classic ATF is not recommended for use in newer automatic transmissions that require a GM DEXRON-VI, Ford MERCON LV, Ford MERCON SP or Ford MERCON V fluid for warranty coverage, or in continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

Technical Details

  • Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F : 7.17
  • Licenses & Approvals


    Additional Details

    Specific Gravity @ 60°F 0.861
    Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F 7.17
    Color, ASTM D1500 Red
    Flash Point (COC), °C (°F) 212 (414)
    Pour Point, °C (°F) <-40 (<-40)
    Viscosity, Brookfield
    cP @ -40°C 14000
    Viscosity, Kinematic
    cSt @ 40°C 32.1
    cSt @ 100°C 7
    Viscosity Index 188
    Zinc, wt % <0.003
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